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abandon vt. 抛弃,离弃,舍弃,放弃。如:

From Jim’s face, I could see he was terrified of being abandoned by us.

aboard prep. adv.在(船、飞机、火车、汽车等)上;上(船、飞机、火车、汽车等)。如:The plane crashed killing all 156 passengers aboard.

We finally went aboard this ship.

abroad adv. 到(在)国外(go/travel/live abroad)

absence n. 不在,缺席。如:Every time I returned after an absence, I felt stupid because I was behind the others. →absent adj. 缺席的(be absent from)

absolute adj. 绝对的,完全的→absolutely adv.(absolutely not 绝对不行)


The children were completely absorbed in their games.

abundant adj.大量的,充足的,丰盛的。如:Peru has abundant plants from desert grasses to vast areas of jungle.

abuse vt&n.滥用;辱骂(abuse alcohol/drugs/power)

academic n.大学教师/adj.学术的,学校的,学院的(academic requirements学术要求)

accept vt.接受;承认;认可→acceptable adj.认同的,认可的,可接受的。如:

It is not socially acceptable for parents to leave children unattended at that age.(07山东)

access n.通道,入径,接近,进入的机会。如:The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields./Students must have access to good resources. →accessible adj.可接近的,可进入的,可使用的。如:Frank put the medicine in the top drawer to make sure it would not be accessible to the kids.(09江西)

accompany v. 陪同,陪伴;与…同时发生。如:I must ask you to accompany me to the police station./There was suddenly a strong wind accompanied by heavy rain last night.

accomplish vt.完成,达到。取得。如:The first part of the plan has been smoothly accomplished.

according adv.依照→按照,根据。如:The work was done according to his instructions. →accordingly adv. 相应地,因此。

account n.账户,账目,描述(a true account of the past)/v.计算,说明(原因等)。如:A number of explanations have been offered to account for(是…的原因) this dilemma.

accumulate v.积累,积聚。如:By working hard you may accumulate a fortune./Clinical evidence began to accumulate, suggesting that the new drugs had a wider range of useful activities than had been predicted from experiments in animals.(11湖北)

accurate adj.精确的,准确的→accuracy n.准确性,精确性。

accuse vt.指控,控告,指责,谴责。如:Critics accuse companies of using ads to mislead us.

accustomed adj.习惯于。如:My eyes slowly grew accustomed to the dark.

achieve vt.达到,取得→achievement n.成就,成绩,功绩。如:Lucy has achieved all of the goals she set for herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university.(07天津)

acquire v.取得,获得,得到。如:Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know.

act n.法令,条例;行为;行动/v.(戏)表演,扮演(角色);行动,做事;充当,起作用。如:We went to Canada to travel and my cousin acted as our guide.(05湖南)

adapt v.使适应,适合,改编。如:The good thing about children is that they adapt very easily to new environments.(09浙江)

adjust v.调整,调节;适应,习惯。如:The house was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to adjust.

admit vt.承认;准许(入场、入学、入会);接纳。如:She admits to being strict with her children./Each ticket admits one adult and one child.

adopt v.收养,领养;采纳,采用。如:She was forced to have her baby adopted./All three teams adopted different approaches to the problem.

advance v&n.推进,促进;前进(in advance提前)→advanced adj.先进的,高级的。

advantage n.优点,有利条件。如:Li Ning’s designs were attractive, and they had a major advantage over their better-known rivals-they were cheaper./Hip hop took advantage of that and provided a kind of disco music for people who hated disco!

advertise v.(为)…做广告;登广告→advertisement n.广告。如:If you want to attract more customers, try advertising(your products)in the local paper./I’m calling to enquire about the position advertised in yesterday’s China Daily.(11北京)

affair n.事件;事情;(常用复数)事务。如:As the busiest woman in Norton, she made it her duty to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town.(06湖南)

affect vt.影响;感动;(疾病)侵袭。如:With the government’s aid, those affected by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements.

afford vt.负担得起(…的费用、损失、后果等);抽得出(时间)。如:The price of houses goes up and people in the area cannot afford to buy a house there.

aim n.目的,目标;瞄准/v.目的是,旨在,针对。如:She went to London with the aim of finding a job./The book is aimed at very young children.

all adj.所有的,全部的/pron.全部,全体/adv.都,完全。

【拓展】in all=in total 总共,总之;all in all 总的说来;总计;above all 最重要,首先;at all (用于否定句)一点也不;after all 毕竟,终究。如:People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her. After all, she is a great musician.(04全国Ⅲ)/Why are you so anxious? It isn’t your problem after all.(08浙江)

allow v.允许,准许。如:Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not allow her to do so.(06全国Ⅱ)/We don’t allow smoking in the hall.

alternative adj.两者择一的;可供替代的。如:As there is less and less coal and oil, scientists are exploring new ways of making use of alternative energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel.(09湖北)

amount n.数量,总量,总额→a huge amount of 大量的(常修饰不可数名词);a huge/great number of 许多(多修饰可数名词)

ambition n.野心,雄心,报负。如:She never achieved her ambition of becoming a famous writer. →ambitious adj.有野心的,有雄心的。

annoy vt.使烦恼,使恼怒。如:If the person says “no”, she will be annoyed.

anxiety n.担忧,焦虑→anxious adj.忧虑的,焦急的;渴望的。如:He seemed anxious about the meeting./She was anxious to finish school and get a job.

apologize vi.道歉;谢罪。如:We apologize for the late departure of this flight. →apology n.道歉,歉意。

appeal v.上诉,申诉;呼吁,请求;有吸引力。如:If buying a bag of candies or cookies doesn’t appeal to you, how about buying a tree instead?/--How did you like Nick’s performance last night?  --To be honest, his singing didn’t appeal to me much.(10安徽)

appear vi.出现,看来,似乎。如:My brother is an actor. He has appeared in several films so far.(05浙江) →appearance n.出现,露面,容貌。如:The environmentalists said wild goats’ appearance on the vast grasslands was a good indication(迹象) of the better environment.(04上海)

apply v.申请:He wants to apply for the job./应用,运用:The new technology was applied to farming.

appreciate v.欣赏,感激:I would appreciate it if you paid in cash. →appreciation.n.欣赏;理解,感激。

approach v.靠近,走近,接近/n.方式,方法:As you approach the town, you will see the college on the left./At the meeting they discussed three different approaches to the study of mathematics.(06湖北)/Approaching the city center, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height.(11上海)

approve v.赞成,同意,批准,通过:Do you approve of my ideas? →approval n. 赞成,同意,批准,通过

approximately adv.近似,大约:The questionnaire takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete and can be used along with the assessment interview.(09湖北)

as adv. 如同/conj.当…时;随着;因为;尽管;照…方式/prep.作为→as…as 像,如同; not so…as不像;as for至于,关于;as if/though好像,仿佛。如:Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it happened yesterday.(06全国Ⅰ)/Jack was’t saying anything, but the teacher smiled at him as if he had done something very clever.(11湖南); as long as只要,条件是;达到…长:①--Have you got any idea for the summer vacation ? --I don’t mind where we go as long as there’s sun, sea and beach. (08全国Ⅰ)/--Our holiday cost a lot of money. –Did it? Well, that doesn’t matter as long as you enjoyed yourselves.(10江西)②After supper she would sit down by the fire, sometimes for as long as an hour, thinking of her young and happy days.(03上海春)/as soon as一……就……。如:Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a large one as soon as it becomes available.(10安徽)

atmosphere n.大气;气氛:The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly atmosphere.(08湖北)

attach v.缚上;系上;贴上;连接:At first, we didn’t feel we belong here, but now we are attached to the land we live on. / Parents attach much importance to education. They will do their best to give their children that priceless gift.(10江西)/ be attached to附属于,依恋于。如:Thousands of foreigners were attached to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened.(10江苏)

attempt vt./n.试图,尝试→attempted adj.未遂的:I will attempt to answer all your questions./ They made an attempt to escape, but failed.

attend v.出席,参加;上学;照顾,护理:He attended the University of North Carolina for a year before Chicago Bulls./--Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. –I would have attended it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview.(11福建)/It is the most instructive lecture that I have attended since I came to this school.(11湖南)

attitude n.态度;看法:Despite such a big difference in attitude towards what one eats, there is no doubt that people in the west regard the Chinese food as something special.(07湖北)

available adj.可利用的;可获得的;有空的:Tickets are available free of charge from the school. / Will she be available this afternoon?

average adj.平均的;典型的;正常的:On average, people who don’t smoke are healthier than people who do.(09全国Ⅱ)/n.平均。如:Last year the number of the students who graduated with a driving licence reached 200,000, an average of 40,000 per year.(10江西)

avoid v.避免,躲开,逃避:I’ve been avoiding getting down to work all day.

award n.奖品,奖励(win/receive/get an award for sth./授予;奖励;判给

aware adj.知道的,意识到的;发觉的:They suddenly became aware of people looking at them.


balance n.平衡(keep the balance of nature; have a good sense of balance)/v.使(在某物上)保持平衡;权衡

ban n.禁令(a total ban on smoking in the office)/v.禁止;取缔(ban smoking/ban them from smoking)

bargain n.(经过讨价还价后)成交的商品;廉价货:The car was a bargain at that price. v.讨价还价:In the market dealers (商人)were bargaining with growers over the price of coffee.

base n.根基,根据地,基地,大本营。如:The company has its base in New York./v.以……为据点;以……为基础。如:What are you basing the theory on?

behave v.表现,举止。如:You should behave yourself in public.→behaviour n.行为;举止→belief n.看法,信念。如:Contrary to popular belief(与大家的看法相反), he was not responsible for the tragedy.

belong vi.属于;附属。如:Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future belongs to the well-educated.(09重庆)

beneficial adj. 有利的,有帮助的,有用的。如:A good diet is beneficial to health. →benefit n.优势,益处/v.使……受益。如:Who will benefit from these changes?

blame n./v.责备,责怪。如:A dropped cigarette is blamed for the fire.


Mr.Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one to blame.(06安徽)

bother v.打扰,烦扰,困扰。如:Sorry to bother you, but there is a call for you./n.烦恼;令人烦恼的人或事。如:What a bother! We’ve missed the bus.

branch n.分支,支流,分部。如:The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has branches all over the country.(05辽宁)

break(broke, broken)v.打破;折断;破坏/n.间隙;中断;休息(take a break)→break away (from)脱离……;挣脱(束缚);break into破门而入,强行闯入:We arrived at work in the morning and found that somebody had broken into the office during the night.(11江西);break off打断;中断(谈话);break through冲破;突破 break down ①出故障,坏掉。如:The computer system broke down suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet.(06辽宁)②垮掉。如:Her health broke down under the pressure of work.③使分解。To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it down into parts.(05湖北) break out(战争,火灾,疾病等)突然发生,爆发。如:I was still sleeping when the fire broke out, and then it spread quickly.(06广东) break up ①粉碎,破碎。如:The ship broke up on the rocks. ②散开,解散。如:The meeting broke up at 11 o’clock. ③结束,分裂。如:However, the band broke up in about 1970, but reunited in the mid-1980s.

burst v.突然发生,爆裂。如:Hearing the words, he burst into laughter/out laughing.

business n.商业,生意;私事。如:Why don’t you just mind your own business and leave me alone?(07全国Ⅱ)


calculate v.计算,核算,估计,推测。如:The loss has not yet been calculated accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars.(09湖北)

call n.喊,叫;电话,通话;称呼,呼唤/v.打电话→call for 需要,要求。如:It’s the present situation in poor areas that calls for much higher spending on education and training.(05北京) Call in 召来,召集,请(某人)进来;call on/upon拜访,访问,请求;call up 使人想起;号召;打电话给……。如:As I grow up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village called up scenes of my childhood.(06湖北)

cancel vt.取消(cancel all flights because of bad weather.)

case n.情况,状况;病例;案件;箱;盒;容器→in most cases在多数情况下;in no case决不;in case免得,万一。如:My parents live in a small village. They always keep candles in the house in case there is a power cut.(07重庆) in case of 如果,假使。如:In case of fire all exists must be kept clear.(07天津) in this/that case如果是这样/那样。如:--I’m afraid Mr. Wood can’t see you until 4 o’clock.—Oh, in that case I won’t wait.(05浙江)

care n.照顾,小心→take care注意,当心;take care of照顾,照料/v.关心,介意,关怀,照顾→care about关心;顾虑;在乎;care for喜欢,照顾(病人)如:After the earthquake, the injured were cared for in the hospitals or taken by air to the hospitals in the neighboring cities.(06江西)

catch(caught,caught)v.抓住,捕获;赶上;染上(疾病);突然碰上;当场发现(发觉);引起(兴趣或注意)。如:When I opened the door, a parcel on the floor caught my eyes. (00上海)→catch on变得流行;catch hold of抓住;catch up with赶上;超过

cause n.原因,起因。如:According to the recent research heavy coffee drinking and heart attack is not necessarily cause and effect.(02上海)/The lack of eco-friendly habits among the public is thought to be a major cause of global climate change.(11福建)  vt.促使,引起,使发生。如:Are you causing trouble again?

celebrate v.庆祝,庆贺→celebration n.庆祝,庆祝会。如:All students are here in celebration of their good results.

challenge n.挑战;艰巨的任务。如:AIDS control and prevention is a challenge to China as well as the whole world.(07上海春)/v.向……挑战。如:He challenged me to a race.

chance n.机会,可能性,运气→by chance=by accident偶然地,意外地。如:We hadn’t planned to meet .We met by chance.(05全国Ⅱ)

character n.(汉)字,字体;人物,角色;(人的)性格;品质。如:Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health. It may also be good for character building.(09湖北)

charge v. ①要求收费;索价。如:What did he charge for the repairs?②将(电池)充电;③指控;控告。如:He was charged with murder./n.费用,价钱;主管,看管

check vt.检查,核对。如:--Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it?---Oh, really! I haven’t checked my mailbox yet.(05天津)/n.支票,账单,检查。→check in(在旅馆、机场等)登记;check out 结账,离开

choice n.选择,抉择。如:①He had no choice but to leave. ②Of the seven days in a week, Saturday is said to be the most popular choice for a wedding in some countries.(07浙江)

close adj.近的,接近的,亲密的,仔细的/adv.接近地,靠近地/v.关闭。→close to接近;靠近。如:It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood close to her mother.(02北京) close down关闭,倒闭。如:If the firms failed to make enough money, they would close down.(07湖北) close up关闭

come v.来,来到:I would have come sooner but I didn’t know that they were waiting for me.(11天津)→come about发生。如:Please tell me how the accident came about. I am still in the dark.(05江西) come across(偶然)遇见;If you _come across_ faults but you still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price.(11安徽)/She came across an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store.(11天津) come down 下降。如:---Four dollars a pair? I think it’s a bit too much. ---If you buy three pairs, the price for each will come down to three fifty.(06安徽) come on(表示鼓励、催促等)快,走吧。如:--I’m dead tired. I can’t walk any farther, Jenny.—Come on, Tommy. You can do it!(06江西) come out 出现,出版,发行。如:The dictionary is being printed and it will soon come out.(05福建) come over过来,顺便来访;come to 共计,达到(某种状态);come up长出,升起;发生;被提及,被讨论;走到近旁 come up with想出(主意)。如:--Have you come up with some new ideas?---Yeah. I’ll tell you later.(07江苏)/--Is everyone here? –Not yet…Look. Here come the rest of our guests.(10江苏)/how come怎么可能?如:--I don’t think I’ll be able to go mountain-climbing tomorrow. –How come?(11浙江)

comfort n.舒服,安逸;安慰,慰问/v.安慰,宽慰。如:They had enough money to live in comfort in their old age.

common adj.普通的,一般的,共有的。如:Letterboxes are much more common in the UK than in the US, where most people have a mailbox instead.(06浙江) →in common共同,共有。have nothing /a lot in common with sb.和某人毫无、有许多共同之处;common sense 常识,情理

communicate v.交际,传达(感情,信息等)→communication n.传达,信息,交流

company n.陪伴,交往,同伴,朋友。如:It is said that dogs will keep you company for as long as you want when you are feeling lonely.(06江西)

compare v.比较,对照,相比。如:①I have had some difficulties, but they are nothing compared to yours. ②When compared with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all.(04湖北)

concentrate v.聚精会神。如:I decided to concentrate all my efforts on finding somewhere to live.

concern n.关心,担心,忧虑/v.涉及,有关,使担心→as/so far as… be concerned 就…而言be concerned with与…有关



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